Miroil | B6PS Fryer Filter Bag & Frame | MirOil EZ Flow Filter Bag Combination | Part 02852| Use to Filter Fry Oil | Suitable for 70 lb Polishing Oil | Durable, Easy to Clean with Hot Water


Miroil B6PS Combination Wire Frame Holder & EZ Flow MirOil Filter Bag, used for Deep Fryer Oil Filtration

This MirOil Oil filter bag holder and bag is designed for filtering frying oil, and is recommended for use with MirOil Fry Liquid or FryPowder.

This EZ Flow Filter system by MirOil helps trap and catch food waste with incredible ease. The frame and filter combine to save on both labor and paper costs, as unlike comparable filters, this item does not require daily cleaning. After several uses however, the pair can be simply rinsed at the same time with a hot water spray prior to re-use

✔ Extra long handle and support hooks means that this oil filter frame holder sits securely on top of fryer oil filter pots, or other oil collection reservoirs
✔ Made of durable nickel-plated steel rods. It is sturdy and will last longer than you will
✔ Construction materials used makes it easy to clean
✔ This frame allows the filtering of hot oil whilst draining the fryer, or when refilling the fryer after cleaning. Can filter oil at both frying temps and safe, bath water temps
✔ Perfect for heavy crumbloads
✔ EZ Flow filters are less expensive than paper filters and will not leach chemicals into the oil
✔ Filter as many as 1000 fryers for half the cost of paper filters


Why should I filter my fryer oil?
Regularly filtering your fryer oil saves money. It extends the life of your fryer oil, which in turn leads to less frequent refills.

MirOil by Oil Process Systems Inc.
Miroil fryer oil filtration accessories include a wide array of products intended to extend the life of your oil while maintaining the crisp and tasty flavor of chicken fingers, french fries, and other fried foods.

♥♥ Keep your oil clean and your fried foods crisp, delicious & protected from flavor contamination with the MirOil range of products. ♥♥

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Product features

  • Your order will contain 1 x Combination Frame & Reusable Oil Filter Bag. Model #: B6PS – 02852. Also available for purchase as a frame on its own with part Number BF1A, or a EZ Flow Filter Bag Filter on its own, part number RB6PS
  • MirOil EZ Flow Series of Oil Filtering Frames and Filters will save money and labor. Durable, sturdy construction, frames and filter bags can be cleaned easily with hot water. Keep your oil clean and your fried foods crisp, delicious and protected from flavor contamination
  • The MirOil EZ Flow Filter Bag by can filter as many as 1000 fryers, at a much cheaper cost than paper filters. Use in conjunction with MirOil Fry Liquid or MirOil Fry Powder to save costs on oil
  • Put paper filters to shame with the EZ Flow Filters by MirOil are less expensive than paper filters and will not leach chemicals into the oil. Even if you don’t sell food but cook anything in oil at home, spend the money because it will save you money
  • The frames are rugged nickel-plated construction. The bag easily attaches to the holder frame with a series of reinforced snaps and is great for filtering out heavy crumb loads

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 23.5 × 9.8 × 1.9 in


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