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Rick & Morty Mr. Meeseeks Collapsible Sunshade For Cars, Trucks, & Vans | Protect Your Vehicle From Heat & UV Rays | Universal Fit



It’s Mr. Meeseeks! If you’re ever stuck in a bind with too many things to do, you can simply lighten your load by grabbing a Meeseeks box! A Meeseeks box has the power to summon Mr. Meeseeks who will then perform any task you give to him. Mr. Meeseeks lives to serve and complete that task; afterwards, he’ll simply stop existing. Don’t worry, Mr. Meeseeks loves to complete your mundane chores, after all, existence is a pain to a Meeseeks! In the case of this vehicle sunshade, Mr. Meeseeks lives to protect you and your vehicle from the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun! Stay cool with Mr. Meeseeks!


Existence is pain! But so is getting into your hot car and accidently touching the metal parts of a seat belt! Mr. Meeseeks offers a solution to your heat issues and by helping you, Mr. Meeseeks fulfills his purpose in life. Fans of Rick and Morty will thoroughly enjoy walking out to their car to see this army of blue creatures working diligently to keep their car cooled down. Grab this officially licensed piece of the Rick and Morty multiverse to keep your car cooled down today!


  • I’M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT ME: Do you need to keep the heat of the sun outside of your car? It’s time to hit that Meeseeks Box button and call on Mr. Meeseeks (or several)! Let Mr. Meeseeks solve your issues and keep your car cool!
  • UNFOLD YOUR MEESEEKS ARMY: Featuring several Meeseeks, this car sunshade can fold up and stow away for easy storage! To use again, simply unfold the Meeseeks squad and place them against your windshield!
  • PROTECT YOUR CAR FROM THE SCREAMING HEAT OF THE SUN: Capable of protecting your car’s interior by blocking out UV rays, the Meeseeks not only keep out heat but keep your car safe as well!
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Whether you have a car, truck, SUV, or van, this Rick and Morty themed sunshade is designed to fit most standard-sized windshields. Enjoy Mr. Meeseeks everywhere you go in any of your vehicles!
  • MORTY TESTED, RICK APPROVED: Practical and fun, this Rick and Morty sunshade is the perfect gift for collectors of the hilarious sci-fi cartoon. Grab one for yourself or gift this officially licensed collectible today!

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Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 1.2 × 6 in


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